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AboutOur Studio

How did AdCorde come alive?

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How we started

It’s simple. One day, a team of tech masterminds sat together. While they sipped their coffee, they exchanged ideas for a new business venture that would change the lives of many.

Together, they developed a platform that is both sophisticated and straightforward at the same time. This spectacular work of art provides a safe space for the advertiser as well as the affiliate.

Lakshan Samaraweera
Director / Founder /CEO
Amila Kothalawala
Janith Kavinda
Dasuni Madhubhashinie
Asitha Pasan
Umesh Dassanayaka
Chethika De Alwis
Content Writer

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Team Members



We are trusted by over 50+ clients worldwide.

We are trusted by over 50+ clients worldwide.

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With the vision of taking their platform to global heights and building long-term relationships by helping millions achieve their business goals, they set on their mission to provide a rollercoaster of technological advancements in all sectors of business. By the way, this rollercoaster is specifically designed and built to take the rider up and only up. Looking to generate sky-high profits? Great, because we aim to make it rain in impressions!
Backed by a passionate team at work, fixating on transparency and a vivid set of guidelines, we understand that every business needs to generate revenue to keep pushing boundaries, so why not help each other out?

Your business is your life’s work – you deserve the best from the best!

Join us now to uplift your hard work from a technological point of view!

Our masterminds would never let you fall. Ever!